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Arva EVO5

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Introducing Arva's EVO5, The EVO5, the latest from ARVA, leverages 35 years of expertise to deliver a transceiver that fits in the palm of your hand. With a groundbreaking size/performance ratio, the small device features a 50m search strip width, group check, mark function, and an auto revert-to-transmit mode. Helpful features like a backlit screen and a speaker emitting a modulated beep enable you to quickly and precisely find a buried avalanche victim.

Warning: Holster sold separately


  • 50m search strip width
  • GROUP CHECK mode tests transmit frequency and power
  • Marking function to identify burial victims already located
  • Multiple burial indicator displays a “+”when more than 3 victims
  • Digital signal processing guides rescuers more efficiently toward the burial zone
  • Auto-test lets the device run a diagnostic to verify that all main functionalities are working properly
  • The backlit screen provides great contrast in any conditions or lighting
  • Automatic revert-to-transmit mode via movement sensor in case of a secondary avalanche
  • Interference management lets the user adjust their search technique in an area with a lot of signal interference
  • U-Turn alarm lets the rescuer know they are heading in the wrong direction
  • Compact minimalist device (111mm x 72mm x 20mm)
  • Weight: 165g (including batteries)


  • 3 antennas to improve chances of finding a signal and for greater precision during the fine search


The EVO5's design and ergonomic features were an integral part of the device's development, providing intuitive and uncomplicated handling. An extra-large screen, 3-position slider, and central marking button make the operation of the device during a search immensely easy.


ARVA's EVO5 is the most diminutive avalanche transceiver yet. At 11cm tall and 7cm wide, it's among the most petite devices available. Though small, it holds its own weight in emergency settings, carrying just 170g without sacrificing performance.


The EVO5 is accompanied by a waist strap and a leash, enabling the device to be safely tucked away in a pocket. Offering even greater portability, a holster is also available for purchase.


Bandwidth is a measure of the area "scanned" by the seeking device, and is typically used to gauge the performance of beacons; as bandwidth increases, so does the device's search area.


Interference management increases the EVO5's performance in search mode even with electromagnetic interference present. The device reduces its bandwidth and ignores any other frequencies so it can focus on the beacon being tracked. However, the user can disable this feature.


In the event of a secondary avalanche, the return to transmit function of the Arva EVO5 Transceiver enables automatic switching back to transmit mode either at user-defined intervals or if device motion ceases for a set duration.

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