WPS Backcountry Kit Backpack/ Shovel w/ Saw/ Probe

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This do it all kit is perfect for first timers as well as experienced backcountry riders, the kit includes a backpack with a 70 oz hydration bladder, shovel with saw included in handle as well as a 300 cm probe.
Backpack features
  • The ultimate dual sport/off-road do-all pack – backpack, hydration system and a tool pack all in one
  • Expansion panels allow most compact shovels and probes to fit inside the bag preventing the chance of equipment loss
  • 70oz hydration bladder included
  • Tool compartment has 12 separate pockets to organize tools and parts
  • Improved shoulder straps and back padding for comfort
  • Waist and chest straps distribute load to relieve shoulders
  • ITW Nexus Emergency Survival Whistle Buckle is located on the chest strap
  • Utility pockets for two-way radio/cell phone and hydration mouthpiece
  • Cargo cinch straps minimizes bouncing

Shovel features

  • All aluminum design for light weight feel in pack
  • Left or Right hand changeable handle
  • Saw in handle
  • Straight or 90 degree handle attachment positions

Probe features

  • 300 cm length
  • Aluminum probe
  • Storage bag included
  • Easy and quick deployment