TOBE Outerwear Vertex Eternity Helmet

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The TOBE Outerweat Vertex Helmet is not only exceptionally light, but also incredibly innovative. It is constructed out of a carbon fiber alloy, and is designed to have a responsive, energy- absorbing shell. Similar to modern automotive frames distributing energy in a crash, the Vertex Helmet has a slight flex in key areas to release and distribute the energy of an impact through the shell rather than your head. Helmets are tasked with protecting the most important part of the body, and we do not take this lightly. After much research and testing, we chose the responsive shell design because it proved to be the safest for the wearer. The Vertex Eternity Helmet takes the innovation one step further by allowing you to fully customize the helmet graphic with the help of ArcticFX. Every Vertex Eternity Shell comes with a unique code to create a custom helmet graphic in ArcticFX’s virtual design portal. Once your design is submitted, it’s sent straight to your door in 1-2 weeks. A simple 3 step process to your unique custom helmet that is sure to be your own!

Shell: Carbon fiber alloy

Weight: 920g +/-50g

Sizing: XS – 2XL

Warranty: 1 Year

- Ultra lightweight helmet

- Removable and washable padding

- ECE R22-05 approved

- Developed for snowmobiling

- Engineered and tested in Germany