Thunderstruck 13/Boondockers 11 Blu-Ray Combo DVD

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Thunderstruck 13 and Boondocker 11 BluRay!  Both films in 1080 resolution and on one disc!  The best value in the sledding industry today!!

Thunderstruck 13

The front of the backcountry riding movement stars the Boondocker and Thunderstruck crews.  With each year the riders of these crews advance to the upper echelons of the skill and domination of the sport of snowmobiling.  And now, the longest-running major High-Definition release in our industry is back, Thunderstruck 13 and Boondockers 11 BLURAY!  Enjoy the best chute climbers, the best tree riders, the best cliff droppers, the best technical riders and the funniest and craziest powder slayers on one bluray!  2 films, 100% 1080 resolution, truly the best sledding film package your money can buy!  Starring Dan Gardiner, Randy Swenson, Aaron Case, Trennis Baer, Phatty Dyer, Linden Ladouceur, Matt Entz, Jim Phelan, Smasher and many, many more!   Over 2 hours of high-def sledding mayhem!  100% family friendly.


Boondockers 11

“What is boondocking?” We often hear this question. For us, it has come to define a style of riding that is all about getting off the beaten path and exploring remote mountain ranges in search of the perfect snow and terrain. This season we returned to this core principle of Boondockers. We threw out everything we thought we knew about riding areas and set off in pursuit of unknown locations and deep powder. The result was a winter of endless fresh tracks and the most incredible boondocking we have ever captured on film.

Locations: Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington

Starring: Matt Entz, Geoff “Phatty” Dyer, Dan Gardiner, Kris “Smasher” Kaltenbacher, Erik Woog, Ryan Nelson, Adam Onasch, Shane Kynaston, Aaron Case, Kim Long, Anthony Oberti, Jesse O'Rourke, Nick Reedy, Cody Case, Ryan Searle, Zak Collings, Evan Morgan, and Many More!

Appropriate for audiences of all ages.