SLP Polaris 2016-17 Axys (Mountain Models) Stage 3


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This package features a SLP Single Pipe Set, SLP Power Dome Billet Heads and Bully Dog Gt Tuner (for elevations below 5000' only). This kit reduces weight by 14.5 lbs. and provides an additional 12.4 horsepower increase over stock. For optimum performance it also includes a SLP Power Shift Clutch Kit. 

Note: The Bully Dog GT Module is only required for 0-5000' elevations. 6000' & above kits do not include this fuel module.

Optional (Recommended):
-SLP High Flow Air Intake Kit (#14-327) Click Here

Era 2014 Silencing Technology.

SLP tested and passed SAE J-2567 stationary sound test below 88 decibels.