Nekkr Lightweight Helmet Bandana

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Nekkr is a sporting and helmet accessory that attaches directly to the outside of any helmet. Our specialty fabric allows riders to stay out all day regardless of the weather conditions. Unlike bandanas, balaclavas, masks, etc, which can freeze to your face, Nekkr attaches to your helmet instead of the face keeping you dry and warm. Nekkr also allows for better breathability as it leaves a space of air between you and the Nekkr. Nekkr’s triangular design allows for fresh air flow as it does not wrap all the way around your face and/or neck. This also helps to eliminate fogging in your goggles as it won’t make your head sweat. A powerful magnet attaches to a Nekkr pin on your jacket and holds the bottom of the Nekkr in place while riding so it will not fly up. Nekkr attaches to your helmet via Velcro so it is easy to put on and take off and you do not need to remove your helmet to attach or remove.

  • Nekkr attaches to any helmet and has a securing feature at the bottom to keep it in place while riding.
  • Easy to attach and remove.  Water and wind resistant material.
  • Nekkr is the Ultimate Protection from the Elements.