Haber Anti-Fog Snowmobile Goggle Fan


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*Compatible with all 509 goggles*

The Haber Eliminator

Conceived and designed to address the last real problem affecting today's goggles; fogging. Through a unique module concept, incorporating innovative design and technology driven thinking,Haber eliminates fog issues forever.

While goggle manufacturers as a whole have made huge strides in reducing goggle fogging, in certain environmental situations the problem still rears its head. That's where the Haber Eliminator comes in. Completely self contained and fully automatic, the Haber Eliminator works by sensing the rising humidity level inside your goggle before fog has a chance to form, and automatically activating a tiny fan that vents the warm moist air to the atmosphere. When humidity regains an acceptable level, the fan turns off automatically. 

Because of its module design the Eliminator can be inserted in all Haber Goggles as well as most of our competitors goggles. The snowmobile goggle fan is removable and transferable. Switch it from goggle to goggle or loan it to a friend. It is both functional and versatile. 

The Eliminator operates in one of three modes; 1. Always on. 2. Automatic (sensor activated) 3. Off. Powered by one AAA battery and weighing less than 2 ounces, when mounted in a goggle, it is unobtrusive and unbelievably quiet. It runs when needed and powers down when not needed. It's artificial intelligence for goggles.