Dragon MDX2 with a free spare Jet Ion Lens


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Introducing the MDX2 with free spare Jet Ion Lens, the Dragon MDX2 has a sleek look and features a cylindrical anti-fog treated lens, premium quad foam technology for maximum sweat absorption, a silicone beaded strap backing, removable nose guard, armored cheek venting and an available integrated RRS system. The MDX2 is also tear off compatible for conditions that are less than ideal. These features culminate to form one of the most comfortable and functional goggles available! A free spare Jet Ion Lens is included with the purchase of the MDX2 Goggle.


  • Cylindrical anti-fog treated lens
  • Premium quad foam technology
  • Silicone beaded strap backing
  • Removable nose guard
  • Tear off compatible
  • Armored cheek venting