Boondocker Polaris AXYS Sidekick Turbo

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Fits the Polaris AXYS RMK 800 (2016-2019)

Pump Gas

Factory Tuned

Complete Package

Lightweight Design

Responsive Driveability

Predictable Horsepower

Consistent Performance

Alititude-Compensating Boost

Pull n' Go Turbocharger

Factory-tuned, pull 'n go turbo kit.  Pro-tuned for optimum boost on pump gas.


To maximize performance, add a Lightweight Water to Air Intercooler for an additional +$749

Deep Snow Exhaust: Features BoonDocker's patented tunnel exit design to prevent bogging in deep snow conditions.


Garrett GT2860 Premium Turbo Charger (crafted with high quality machining and components)

Cast Iron Exhaust Housing and Wastegate (comes standard with the low boost actuator)

Airbox (designed for maximum air flow and connects into the stock air intake)

Deep Snow Exhaust Muffler (tunnel exit, lightweight, great sound)

Sidekick Control Box (pro-tuned from the factory with altitude-compensating boost control)

Clutching (to ensure the best performance)

All of the components, fittings, and hardware necessary for installation