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509 Sinister X5 Whiteout Polarized MaxVent Snowmobile Goggles


509 Sinister X5 Whiteout Polarized MaxVent Snowmobile Goggles

Receive $25 off your purchase of any 509 helmet and goggle when purchased TOGETHER. Use the promo code 509COMBO at checkout to receive your discount. This offer only applies to the purchase of any FULL PRICE 509 helmet and goggle when purchased together.

**Goggle comes with Yellow Polarized MaxVent Lens**

    The X5 is the product of several years of tireless improvements, materials sourcing, and an unbreakable drive to develop the abso­lute best snowmobile goggle in the world. After years of continual goggle research & development, our efforts have lead to what we feel are the biggest breakthroughs in goggle technology that the snowmobile industry has EVER seen. We are proud to announce the release of the Sinister X5 and as you will see, there is simply no match in the snowmobile goggle industry.

    1. Fog Free Lens Technology

    Permanent FOG FREE coating on an optically clear, polycarbonate lens. Fog proofing & durability like you’ve never seen before.

    2. Improved Visibility

    The X5, is 0.5” taller than our traditional Sinister, giving you the absolute best vision possible.

    3. Phantom Frame Technology

    Through advanced engineering, the X5 features PHANTOM frame technology, that allows the frame to be virtually hidden from your field of view.

    4. Removable Nosemask

    The X5, features a restyled oversized & removable nosemask to keep you warm & comfortable. It’s simply the best nosemask in the game.

    5. Perfect Fit Outriggers

    The X5 PERFECT FIT OUTRIGGER system, moves the strap mount points forward, giving you a better seal against your face, with evenly applied pressure for that perfect fit.