509 Sinister MX-5 Polarized Dirt Goggles

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Introducing the ALL NEW Sinister MX-5 premium motocross goggle. This ultra high end dirt goggle was born from our best selling snow goggle, the X5. Featuring the same goggle frame, we meticulously customized a dirt specific single pane lens with a sleeker, rigid removable nose mask. We also lined the frame's air ventilation ports with a summer specific higher flow foam material. This foam technology allows maximum air flow while keeping small dirt & dust particles out. 

The single pane lens features a chemically bonded anti-fog and anti-scratch coating for maximum performance. 

The fixed edge pressure outrigger system makes for a perfect fit and seal with your 509 brand helmet. So long are the days of mixing and matching different brand dirt goggles and helmets. 509 Sinister MX-5 goggles and 509 brand helmets are a combo designed to work in perfection. 


The Sinister X-5 also features our completely re-engineered PHANTOM FRAME TECHNOLOGY. The PHANTOM FRAME was completed redesigned to provide the absolute maximum field of vision in the game. Through advanced engineering we were able to literally hide the frame from your field of view, giving you the maximum visibility possible. The Sinister MX-5 frame is 0.5" taller than our traditional Sinister, giving you a significantly improved field of view. We engineered every angle of the Sinister MX-5 PHANTOM FRAME to slope perfectly to the contours of your face, while minimizing the amount of frame in your field of view. In additional the frame was designed to fit perfectly inside your 509 helmet.  


Improved FOG FREE coating on a Polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch lens. Fog proofing & durability like you've never seen before. NOTE: Polarized Lenses do not come with Tear Off Posts. 


The Sinister MX-5 is 0.5" taller than our traditional Sinister, giving you the absolute best vision possible. 


Through advanced engineering, the Sinister MX-5 features PHANTOM frame technology, that allows the frame to be virtually hidden from your field of view. 


The Sinister MX-5 features a restyled sleek and removable nose mask to keep you protection from rocks and roost. It's simply the best nose mask in the game. 


The Sinister MX-5 PERFECT FIT OUTRIGGER system, moves the strap mount points forward, giving you a better seal against your face, with evenly applied pressure for that perfect fit.