509 Nikwax TX Direct Spray On


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Nikwax TX.Direct Spray On is a quick, easy, and safe way to restore the (DWR) Durable Water Repellency and maintain the breathability of your 509 outerwear and gloves. Simply spray it on your clean garments and let it dry. By removing the need to machine dry your outerwear and gloves, it’s a gentle yet effective solution for that trusty and well-worn piece of gear that you refuse to get rid of. The spray on application also lets you directly treat areas that need the most love, like elbow, knee, and seat areas.


• Rejuvenates the water repellency of tired worn clothing
• vercomes the problems of gear ‘wetting out’
• Maintains breathability
• Prolongs the life of gear and optimises performance in wet weather
• Easy to apply