509 Dirt Pro Goggles
509 Dirt Pro Goggles

509 Dirt Pro Goggles

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Introducing the all new Dirt Pro goggles. Following the innovative success of the Sinister snow goggle, we took a hard look at the dirt market and realized there was room for drastic improvements. So we set out to reinvent the dirt goggle market and designed the all new Dirt Pro goggle from the ground up. We included numerous dirt specific features that you will only find on our Dirt Pro goggles. And as always with 509, we back them with a lifetime warranty.

509 Dirt Pro Goggles were designed from the ground up to be a true dirt (MX & ATV) specific goggle. Every design element and every feature was specifically engineered for a dirt enthusiast's requirements. As you will out, there is a huge difference between a snow goggle and a true dirt specific goggle. Often we find a dirt bike and ATV riders retrofitting snow goggles to get by during the summer season No longer. With out new Dirt Pro goggles, we have finally introduced an affordable goggle specifically designed for the unique conditions of riding in the dirt and mud. 



  • Hinged Strap Mounts
  • Triple Tear Off Posts
  • Removable Nose Guard
  • Triple Layer Foam
  • Chrome Lens
  • Silicon Lined Straps
  • 13 Vent Ports
  • Lifetime Warranty