BCA Stealth 270 Snowmobile Probe


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BCA Stealth 270 Snowmobile Probe

Designed for professionals and deep snowpacks, the Stealth 300 is the burliest option in the Backcountry Access Stealth probe lineup.

Our Quick-lock technology guarantees the easiest and fastest assembly on the market. Our nested Stealth probe section helps free up additional storage space in your pack. Say goodbye to flogging cables and deployment hangups. Equipped with lase- etched depth markings and Quick-lock functionality, BCA's Stealth probes are built to last and save valuable seconds during an avalanche rescue when time matters.

  • Weight: 10.9 ounces / 310 grams 
  • Extended Length: 8′ 10″ / 270 cm  
  • Collapsed Length: 17.7″ / 45 cm  
  • Diameter: .51″ / 1.3 cm

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